Fruits and Flowers Vol 4 Wallpaper Book

Sample Book CoverFruits and Flowers Volume 4: A Kitchen and Bath Collection 

Parkview Designs by Brewster Wallcoverings

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This 13.5″ x 17.5″ Wallpaper Sample Book is in good condition with worn corners on the cover containing 273 pages. It includes samples of Expanded Vinyl and Solid Sheet Vinyl Wallpaper, Border and 100% Cotton Fabric swatches in a variety of sizes.

Details: Includes 102 Wallpaper Samples of medium sized fruit and floral prints, damasks, stripes and solids, 34 Border Samples ranging in width (including 6″, 6-7/8″, 7-7/8″, 9″, 9-1/4″, 9-7/8″, 10-1/4″), and 7  Fabric Swatches (4.25″ x 4.25″).

Samples from the Book (click to enlarge):

Fruits and Flowers Vol 4 253CL45098 Fruits and Flowers Vol 4 25341325  Fruits and Flowers Vol 4 25338577 Fruits and Flowers Vol 4 25342742

Fruits and Flowers Vol 4 253B00967 Fruits and Flowers Vol 4 253B59153 Fruits and Flowers Vol 4 253B59157 Fruits and Flowers Vol 4 253B59159